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Bradley made an appearance on El Hormiguero last month while he was in Spain to promote “The Place Beyond The Pines“. We were finally able to get high quality photos of his appearance, which we added in our gallery. You can (re)watch his interview below/inside.

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Bradley is featured in Esquire Magazine‘s current ‘Life of Man’ issue. We added the photoshoot, screen captures of the on set interview and the magazine scans in our gallery. Be sure to head over to their interactive site to check out all the portraits!

To commemorate Esquire’s 80th anniversary, we are creating a living portrait of the American man right now. Exclusive photos and video of 80 accomplished, extraordinary men, one born in each year of Esquire’s history. Young. Old. Rich. Poor. Presidents. Movie legends. Rock stars. Space babies.

Bradley Cooper, born 1975
Best advice he’s gotten: “I’ve been given a lot of advice. Great advice. But recently, it was a friend of mine who was quoting another friend of his who had given him this advice, talking about relationships. But I can’t say what the advice is. But it was good.”
Most looking forward to: “I’m most looking forward to each day as it comes, really.”

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Bradley is interviewed for Deadline’s Award Column by Pete Hammond. He talks about “The Place Beyond The Pines“, “American Hustle” and more.

If your movie was released in March or April , and has Oscar aspirations, it requires every trick in an Academy consultants publicity handbook to try to keep it alive against the massive onslaught of competition unleashed in the back eight months of the year. Very few films released before May at the earliest make the cut these days, at least in the major categories. Oscar voters tend to have short memories. It’s an uphill climb that requires money for big campaigns, a tall order for independent films with limited budgets.

One way to do it is get your Blu Ray out there in August with some fresh television advertising , well before screener season begins , and hope that voters have a chance to check it out before the tsunami of movies start bombarding them in the Fall. For Roadside Attractions’ Mud which was released in theatres April 26th and Focus Features’ The Place Beyond The Pines which debuted March 29th, their dueling road to Oscar continues this week with the release of their Blu Ray and DVD. The films have the current distinction of being the two top grossing independent films of 2013, both in the $21 million range, with Mud this week just slightly overtaking Pines for the lead but it remains a dead heat.

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Bradley made an appearance, alongside his “Hangover” co-star Heather Graham, on The Graham Norton Show on May 24 in London to promote “Hangover Part III”. The HD screen captures and official photos are added in our gallery and you can watch the interview below.

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Bradley, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and director Todd Phillips all graced the cover of The Hollywood Reporter’s May 2013 issue to promote the final installment of the “Hangover” franchise. The magazine scans, photoshoot and transcript of the interview are all added to our site.

With the third installment out May 24, director Todd Phillips, Bradley Cooper and the execs behind the biggest R-rated comedy franchise in history tell all about Lindsay Lohan’s meeting, Mel Gibson’s ill-fated cameo and how they tricked the baby’s mom. Plus: Who made $70 million?
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Bradley made an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on May 13th to promote “Hangover Part III”. We added the HD screen captures in our gallery and you can watch the official segments of the interview below/inside.

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Screencaptures > Talk Shows > Late Night With Jimmy Fallon – May 13, 2013

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Bradley graced the cover of Details Magazine’s May 2013 issue to promote the “Hangover Part III”. The magazine scans and photoshoot are added in our gallery and the transcript of the interview can be found in our press archive.

Hot on the heels of acclaimed roles in The Place Beyond the Pines and Silver Linings Playbook, The Hangover Part III star opens up about the dangers of playing assholes, his near miss at the Oscars, and living with his mom again.
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Bradley was on the cover of the British GQ’s April 2013 issue earlier this year to promote the release of “The Place Beyond The Pines”. We added the magazine scans and the photoshoot in our gallery. We also added the full transcript of the interview in our press archive, but be aware that the interview contains spoilers about “The Place Beyond The Pines”.

Self assured. Box-office certified. And now, Oscar nominated. There’s never been a better time to be Bradley Cooper. The Wolfpack’s alpha dog tells Jonathan Heaf about how a big-money bet on an acting career paid off, his unlikely bond with Robert De Niro and the silver lining to his late father’s passing.
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