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People Magazine released the first trailer for Bradley’s upcoming movie “Aloha“, previously known as Untitled Cameron Crowe/Hawaii Project.

The Aloha trailer is here – and its ensemble is about as A-list as you can get!

The Sony comedy stars Bradley Cooper as a military contractor who, after blowing an assignment, returns to his old stomping grounds: the U.S. space program in Honolulu.

Things get complicated when he reconnects with a former flame (Rachel McAdams) and starts to fall for a peppy air force liaison (Emma Stone). Meanwhile, John Krasinski appears as a soldier, Alec Baldwin pops up as Cooper’s angry superior, and – for good measure – Bill Murray spews nuggets of wisdom throughout.

The film, written and directed by Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous), hits theaters May 29.

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  1. Dakota Foss

    Mr. Cooper my name is Dakota Foss I am very intrigued by all your work , the more I watch the more energy i get pumped into my mind that creates imaginative power that has LIMITLESS possibilities , I’m just a normal guy like you other then success that wants to show the world of all the great stories I have and come up with , my goal to be a big actor to enterin the world and show stories that are awesome !! I don’t care for money or anything im living just fine I just wanna be noticed.

    Like I said I’m a normal person like you I wouldn’t be all weird , a bit excited of course but nothing stupid, hey I drive a 1980 Z28 Camaro I fix my self , it has t tops you should try it out driving around the worlds largest fresh water beach some time I’ll give Ya a tour of you got some time..!!

    1. Dakota Foss

      Forgot to mention my age of that matters , I’m 25.

  2. Dakota Foss

    Sorry for the flood of comments but this is the first time I said anything to or toward a success actor and see I for got to mention anything about the movie which I can’t wait to see and that auto correct got me in my last comment.

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